Hanna Touma is a distinguished Oud and Singing performer and teacher with over a decade of rich experience. Based in Montreal, QC, Hanna has passionately dedicated his career to the art of Arabic music, bringing joy and inspiration to his audiences and students alike.

Hanna’s journey began with a strong educational foundation, earning a teaching degree from the Teacher Training Institute in Hassaka, Syria. His expertise lies in Oud teaching and Arabic singing, skills he has honed and shared through various roles in prestigious music organizations.

Currently, Hanna leads the Zamar Choir, an ensemble he founded in 2023, where he selects members based on their musical abilities and performance skills. As the choir’s director, he teaches musical notes, Arabic melodies, and stage performance techniques, preparing his choir for recitals and art festivals.

In addition to his leadership role, Hanna is an Arabic singing teacher at the Performance Academy, where he offers individualized and group lessons, focusing on musical notes, breathing, and performing techniques. His previous teaching experiences include positions at the Canadian Arabic Orchestra and Re Majeur Canada, where he significantly contributed to the growth of his students’ musical abilities.

Hanna’s performance credentials are equally impressive. He has graced stages at the Lebanese Festival in Montreal and the Taste of the Middle East in Toronto, performing at these renowned festivals multiple times over the years. His dedication to his craft extends to private performances, bringing the beauty of Arabic music to intimate gatherings.

Fluent in both Arabic and English, Hanna’s ability to connect with a diverse audience is further amplified by his active presence on social media platforms, including YouTube, where he documents his musical journey and shares his passion with a global audience.

Hanna’s contributions to the field of music are recognized through his membership in the Lebanese Professional Artists Association, reflecting his commitment to professional excellence and artistic growth.
With a career that spans teaching, performance, and media production, Hanna Touma continues to make a profound impact on the world of Arabic music, inspiring and nurturing the next generation of musicians.