The first place winner of the China National Music Competition and Concertmaster of the
Canada Oriental Culture Orchestra, Snow began her Erhu study as a child, and later graduated from the high school attached to the China Conservatory of Music studying under two well-known Erhu educators and masters: Prof. Qing JIANG and Prof. Ming-yuan LIU. She was the first prize winner in the National Instrumental Music Competition (erhu), and was the top student in Erhu admitted to the Department of Traditional Instruments at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing in 1997. Studying under Prof. Changfu LIU – a famous Erhu performer and educator there, Snow won numerous scholarships from the Conservatory and performed actively in the China Youth Orchestra at home and abroad. After graduating with an Honours Bachelor’s degree, Snow worked for the Central National Orchestra of China and participated in many performances around the world including the United States, France and Japan. At the same time, she had performed in various types of music events and festivals for popular music, movies and television recording for many years. She was also an actress in several Chinese TV series and movies.

Since immigrating to Canada in 2008, Snow still continues her Erhu teaching, her students have passed the standard grade examinations in Toronto. She has been a soloist and Concertmaster of the Canadian Chinese Orchestra of Canada and the Canadian Oriental National Orchestra, performing in the orchestra’s concerts every year to promote Chinese traditional music. She has represented Canada performing with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra in “Global Huqin Relay” in Hong Kong in 2009. In 2014-2016, she has also performed at “Yikang Charity Donation Concert”, “Yee Hong Center Fundraising concert”, and “St. James Anglican Church Chinese New Year Charity Concert”. Some of her other performances include “2017 World Musical Arts Festival”, “A Grand Ceremony of Traditional Chinese Music Concert “, “2018 When Classical and Pop Impact-Asian Tradition Meets Pop”, “National Chamber Music Canada Tour”, “2019 LIDelun Foundation New Year Concert”, and “2019 Toronto Traditional Classic Music Concert to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Macau’s Return to China”. For the 2022 opening concert, she performed the Erhu concerto “Between the Earth and Forever” by Kevin Lau with Peterborough Symphony Orchestra. During the 2023/2024 season, she performed the same piece with the Niagara Symphony Orchestra.