ONQ is a family of live event professionals. Our team includes event managers, client consultants, artist managers and a branding team. Each team member brings a specific skill-set to your event by communicating together, ensuring that the planning of your event is a harmonious process. The ONQ “SOP’s” (Standard Operating Procedures) ensures every client event is professionally managed exactly the same, from start to end.


ONQ scouts train & manage world-class artists all year round. Every clients event is different, therefore ONQ has a diverse array of artists covering a collection of different genres. Every year, you can expect something new from our line-up of artists. A wide array of performances can be provided from 10 piece themed Big Bands, Cultural shows (West Africa, Spanish Flamenco), to experimental new forms of musicianship combining traditional instruments with new technologies giving new sounds and visuals.


Founder + Creative

Having encountered diverse life experiences across multiple countries in his childhood, Marko acquired invaluable insights into various cultures, art forms, and music genres. As a dedicated musician, he cultivated a distinct vision for how he wanted his audience to perceive his performances, mastering techniques to enhance the profiles of fellow artists. Armed with a background in both music performance and business management within the industry, Marko capitalized on this knowledge to establish ONQ Live Entertainment. The core mission of ONQ is to streamline the decision-making process for clients seeking entertainment and event organization, facilitated by a committed team that shares Marko's visionary objectives.

Marko's founding vision for ONQ was to create a premier live entertainment company featuring world-class artists from around the globe. His primary goal is to honor the artists with professional management while providing clients with exceptional live performances. Marko is deeply dedicated to crafting inspirational shows for ONQ's clients. As a seasoned percussionist with international experience, Marko Bongo has graced many stages worldwide, sharing his passion for drumming and music. His performances span renowned venues in Canada, the USA, Spain, France, Portugal, Colombia, and Mexico, where he has collaborated with esteemed DJs such as Louie Vega, Martinez Bros, Chus & Ceballos, as well as celebrity vocalists and rappers like Wyclef Jean, Stevie B, Massari, and Choclair. Marko has also personally delivered captivating performances at private events for globally recognized artists such as Lionel Richie, Alex Lifeson (Rush guitarist), and Yo-Yo Ma.



Rouba, born in Lebanon, moved to Canada with her family at a very young age and settled in the neighborhoods of Toronto.  From a very young age, she believed in the notion of 'you can do whatever you set your mind to'.   She’s always had a passion for creating fun-filled events for her close family and friends, but always wanted to take it further. She did eventually pursue her interest in the events and entertainment sector; and over time has become tenured as she built a strong base of expertise and clients.

Formerly, as a partner in one of Toronto’s popular event establishments (“REGULARS”) she understands the magic of what’s needed to bring a perfect event to life. She has also activated events for several organizations with the most recent ones being the Lebanese Film Festival, the Toronto Chapter, hosted at TIFF and the Taste of Middle East Festival (TOME). Her role at both festivals was to oversee the execution of all the logistics and augment the curation of the live performances.   

In 2017, she joined OnQ Live Entertainment to lead the sales division from inception. She continues to succeed in establishing a name for the organization while offering opportunities to diverse world class entertainers based in Canada.


Coordinator & Client Relations

As ONQ’s Entertainment Coordinator, Nayri combines a passion for curating unforgettable experiences with outstanding customer service. With a keen eye for detail and a knack for bringing creative visions to life, Nayri seamlessly orchestrates everything from live performances to multimedia productions. Armed with a wealth of industry knowledge and a commitment to excellence, she excels not only in coordinating talent and managing logistics but also in ensuring exceptional customer satisfaction. Nayri is the driving force behind the scenes, transforming events into extraordinary memories while providing top-notch service to our valued clients.



Embark on a rhythmic journey with Sahab, an enthusiast of creativity at ONQ. Sahab's percussive skills have been shared on various stages, from Digital Dreams to Beach Club Festival, captivating audiences worldwide.

As a globetrotting musician, Sahab's beats have resonated in cities like Los Angeles and New York, always tracing back to his roots in Toronto. Despite his extensive travels, Sahab remains dedicated to his craft, continuously evolving his style for performances that promise innovation without pause. This is evident with his long standing residency at one of Toronto’s hottest venues, Soluna, where he drums alongside renowned
global DJ’s.

Beyond his role as a drummer, Sahab serves on the creative team at ONQ by crafting and planning unique and extravagant shows for clients. His meticulous curation of talent, including dancers and musicians, showcases his ability to breathe life into creative visions, crafting immersive experiences for our clients in various sectors (Corporate, Social and Private events).

Sahab's commitment to tailoring each performance transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences, taking an uncharted journey where beats, passion, and creativity converge.




At ONQ, we envision a world where the universal language of music and performance unites hearts and transcends boundaries. Through our diverse collection of exceptional talent, we strive to be the premier choice for transforming events into captivating and culturally enriched celebrations, leaving a lasting impact on every audience.



At ONQ, we envision a world where the universal language of music and performance unites hearts and transcends boundaries. Through our diverse collection of exceptional talent, we strive to be the premier choice for transforming events into captivating and culturally enriched celebrations, leaving a lasting impact on every audience.



  1. Diversity: Celebrating the rich tapestry of global talent, we embrace diversity in our crew to deliver a unique and inclusive entertainment experience.
  2. Excellence: We are dedicated to excellence in every performance, ensuring that each event is marked by exceptional quality and professionalism.
  3. Innovation: Constantly pushing boundaries, we foster a culture of innovation, exploring new ways to create “wow” moments that captivate and inspire.
  4. Collaboration: Building on the strengths of our internationally assembled crew, we believe in the power of collaboration to deliver performances that exceed expectations.
  5. Memorability: Committed to crafting moments that linger in the hearts and minds of our clients and their guests, we prioritize creating memories that last a lifetime.

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