From a very young age, Claudio demonstrated a keen interest in music and soon developed an insatiable passion for all things musical. It wasn’t long before it became apparent that he had exceptional musical talent.

Claudio’s keen interest in music first surfaced while traveling in Italy from Toronto, Canada at the age of seven. It was there that he encountered the organetto for the very first time. Listening intently to his great uncle playing this instrument, Claudio, almost spell-bound, became fascinated not only with the instrument, but with the traditional Italian songs that were being played. Needless to say, it was only a matter of time before Claudio took up the organetto as his instrument of choice, with Italian songs as his passion.

Despite his love for Canada and all things Canadian, Claudio has a deep interest in promoting Italian culture and has adopted “The Sound of True Italian Tradition” as his tagline. Claudio’s charm and lively entertainment have brought pleasure and joy to audiences of all ages and cultures, especially within the Italian community in Canada. He captivates his audience with a vast repertoire of many of Italy’s most cherished songs, including vibrant tarantellas and exuberant polkas. He is renowned for his very unique style of combining traditional elements with a modern twist. Not only has he performed in festivals, concerts and other social gatherings in Canada, the United States, Cuba, South America, Asia and Italy, but he has also done numerous radio shows and television appearances.

Claudio has also demonstrated dedication and commitment to volunteering for numerous charities. In addition to performing at senior citizens’ homes, he has also appeared at various fundraising events in support of Autistic Children, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Canada, Caritas, Hockey Association for the Developmentally Challenged, Huntington Disease, Saint PioPier 21Share LifeSick Kids FoundationTrillium Health CentreYouth Bocce Canada and many more. Claudio takes great pleasure in sharing his talent to help others.

Claudio is also a successful recording artist and has released a total of seven albums, each representing different stages of his musical career and demonstrating his growth as an artist.

He earned his Bachelor of Applied Music/Contemporary Music degree at the highly acclaimed music program at Humber School of Creative & Performing Arts, majoring in drums and percussion. His latest fascination comes in the form of another traditional instrument which he is incorporating in his performances – the mandolin. Claudio was the recipient of the 2008 Young Achievement Award given by the National Congress of Italian Canadians.

It is Claudio’s hope to encourage and inspire other young people to appreciate and celebrate their heritage. He believes that traditional music strengthens culture, and wants to continue to use his music to touch people from all walks of life and backgrounds.