ONQ Elevates Outdoor Social Gathering at Cabana Pool Bar

Venue: Cabana Pool BarDate: June 2023

Event Overview:

ONQ was selected to organize and produce entertainment for an elegant wedding celebration at Cabana Pool Bar.

Client’s Social Event at Cabana:

  1. Dynamic Outdoor Gathering: The vibrant Cabana Pool Bar served as the venue for our client’s social event, attracting a sizable crowd eager to reconnect post-pandemic.
  2. ONQ’s Expert Entertainment: Understanding the event’s significance as one of the first group outings after Covid-19, the client trusted ONQ to deliver entertainment that would enhance the experience.

Diverse DJ Selection:

  1. Two Unique DJ Styles: ONQ curated a diverse musical experience with DJ Franky J’s Tribal House beats and DJ D-Smooth’s Urban and Hip-Hop vibes, catering to varied musical preferences.

Live Band Energy Boost:

  1. ONQ Live Band: The ONQ Live Band elevated the party’s energy, providing a dynamic and engaging live musical experience.

Chilled Sunset Serenade:

  1. Michael Costantini’s Performance: As the sun set, ONQ Guitarist/Vocalist Michael Costantini serenaded the crowd with chilled-out vibes, offering a harmonious conclusion to the event.

Positive Guest Feedback:

  1. Guests Delighted: Attendees were delighted with the event, noting its success in making up for lost time spent apart. The diverse entertainment and live musical elements contributed to a memorable gathering.


ONQ’s role in orchestrating entertainment for this outdoor social event exemplifies our ability to curate engaging experiences tailored to each occasion’s unique atmosphere. This case study underscores the positive impact of well-designed entertainment in fostering connections and creating memorable moments, particularly in post-pandemic social gatherings.