Venue: CF Sherway GardensDate: November 22 - December 23, 2023

Client Initiative:

CF Sherway Gardens Mall embarked on a visionary journey to curate a multicultural experience throughout the holiday month, spanning from the end of November to December 2023. This initiative was part of their immersive Holiday Market, strategically located within the mall premises.

Event Objectives:

  1. Shopper Engagement and Local Vendor Showcase: The primary goal was to entice shoppers into the mall by crafting a unique and multicultural experience. The Holiday Market served as a platform to showcase a diverse array of local vendors and their products/services.
  2. Extensive Footfall: The event successfully drew in thousands of visitors throughout the month, amplifying the mall’s appeal as a holiday shopping destination.
  3. ONQ’s Musical Landscape: Recognizing the power of music in creating a vibrant atmosphere, ONQ was enlisted to provide live bands and DJs from around the world. The musical journey unfolded four days a week for five consecutive weeks, captivating visitors with a rich tapestry of sounds.
  4. Global Musical Showcase: ONQ’s offerings spanned a variety of musical genres, circling the globe with bands in categories such as Latin, Crooners/Sinatra, Soca, Middle Eastern, Persian, Hip Hop Jazz, French Canadian Quebec, Fiddlers, Brigerton Strings, and expert DJs.
  5. Audio-Visual Expertise: Beyond musical entertainment, ONQ played a crucial role in enhancing the overall experience by providing comprehensive audio-visual setup, ensuring a seamless and immersive environment for visitors.


CF Sherway Gardens Mall’s Multicultural Holiday Market, enriched by the musical prowess of ONQ, emerged as a resounding success. Beyond its role as a shopping destination, the mall became a cultural hub, offering a diverse and engaging experience to thousands of attendees. ONQ’s ability to curate a global musical showcase, coupled with their expertise in audio-visual setup, elevated the Holiday Market, leaving a lasting impression on both shoppers and vendors alike. The collaborative effort exemplifies the impact of strategic event planning in transforming a retail space into a dynamic and culturally rich destination.