ONQ Sets the Rhythm for L’ORO Canada’s Luxurious Grand Opening

Venue: L’ORO CanadaDate: December 6, 2023

Client Selection:

ONQ led the organization and production of entertainment for a wonderful, classy, and elegant wedding celebration.

Grand Opening Celebration:

  1. L’ORO Canada Boutique Opening: L’ORO Canada marked the grand opening of its boutique store in Yorkville, a significant milestone in their brand’s expansion.

Exclusive Guestlist:

  1. VIP Gathering: The event welcomed L’ORO’s top-tier customers and distinguished guests.

Luxury Watch Showcase:

  1. Premium Watch Brands Featured: L’ORO showcased luxury watch brands like Breitling, Hublot, and Omega, emphasizing their commitment to excellence.

ONQ’s Musical Touch:

  1. Partnership with ONQ: L’ORO’s National Marketing team partnered with ONQ to orchestrate musical entertainment for the grand opening.
  2. Hip Hop Jazz Ensemble: ONQ’s Hip Hop Jazz band perfectly complemented the sophisticated atmosphere, delivering classic tunes with style.
  3. Subtle Yet Captivating Performance: The band enhanced the ambiance without overshadowing important discussions, providing a captivating musical backdrop.

Event Success and Client Satisfaction:

  1. Resounding Success: The event left a lasting impression on attendees, contributing to a positive brand experience.
  2. Client and Guest Satisfaction: L’ORO and their valued clients expressed satisfaction with ONQ’s contribution, elevating the grand opening celebration to new heights.


ONQ’s collaboration with L’ORO Canada for their boutique opening showcases our ability to tailor musical experiences to match the brand’s essence and exceed client expectations. This case study highlights our commitment to enhancing luxury events, ensuring a memorable experience for all involved.