Venue: Steam Whistle BreweryDate: December 1, 2022

Client Overview:

Our client, a prominent Global Financial Accounting Firm belonging to “The Big Four,” organized a festive holiday party for their extensive staff and partners across Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Event Highlights:

  1. Scale of the Gathering: A staggering 2500 attendees joined the celebration, creating a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere
  2. ONQ DJ Expertise: Our skilled ONQ DJ (DJ D-Smooth) who is a Red Bull Thre3style East Coast Canadian Champ (2014) was strategically chosen to curate a diverse musical experience, seamlessly blending genres. The goal was to foster an environment conducive to dancing, networking, and overall enjoyment.
  3. Employee and Team Engagement Focus: Recognizing the significance of the event in bolstering employee and team engagement, the holiday party aimed to strengthen connections throughout the organization.
  4. ONQ’s Trusted Partnership: ONQ was entrusted with bringing the client’s vision to life, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees. Our commitment to delivering on the client’s expectations was unwavering.
  5. Event Venue: The festivities unfolded at the iconic Steam Whistle Brewery, situated in the heart of downtown Toronto. The venue choice added a unique and memorable touch to the event.
  6. Client Satisfaction: From the initial planning stages to the event’s conclusion, the client expressed immense satisfaction with ONQ’s delivery and professionalism. Our comprehensive approach left a lasting positive impression.


By combining the expertise of ONQ DJs, a strategic focus on employee engagement, and a premier event venue, the Global Financial Accounting Firm’s holiday party became a resounding success. ONQ’s commitment to realizing the client’s vision contributed significantly to the overall satisfaction and enjoyment of the 2500 attendees, reinforcing the importance of thoughtful event planning and execution.