Born in China, Lina began her journey with the guzheng at the age of 5. Recognized for exceptional talent, she was admitted to Nanjing University of the Arts as an “Excellent Student” without the need for examinations. Lina earned a BMus (Guzheng Performance) degree in 2012 and went on to attain a Master of Music in Guzheng Performance from Shanghai Conservatory of Music in 2016. Her esteemed mentors include renowned musicians Wang Wei, Yan Aihua, Ren Jie, and Li Meng.

In 2022, Lina joined the faculty of Wilfrid Laurier University. She is also the founder and music director of the Toronto Guzheng Ensemble, an instructor for the Canadian Chinese Orchestra, and a member of the Toronto Musicians’ Association (TMA 149), the American and Canada Federation of Musicians, and the Guzheng Society of Chinese Musicians’ Association.

Lina has made notable appearances in Canada’s music scene, including performances at Roy Thomson Hall with the China National Broadcasting Orchestra, Carnegie Hall with the Toronto Guzheng Ensemble, and the New Music Concert of Swara Sutras. She has been a champion of new music, recording Alice Ho’s opera, “The Monkiest King,” released by the Canadian Music Center in 2020, and participating in the multimedia project “The Legend of the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival” with Toronto’s PhoneNX Ensemble in 2021.

Additionally, Lina has contributed to the advancement of guzheng music through lectures at the University of Toronto and York University, as well as serving as an adjudicator for prestigious competitions such as the Kiwanis festival, the Canadian International Music Competition, and the First Chinese Art and Cultural Festival in Italy.