In the mystical realm where music meets destiny, Sahab Habibi and Ali Reza Firoozi are maestros of a symphony yet to be written. Their encounter 10 years ago was no mere coincidence – it was a cosmic orchestration, a meeting of kindred spirits destined to create something truly extraordinary.
Ten years ago, amidst the bustling energy of an event, destiny brought them together on stage with no script, no plan – just raw talent and a shared passion for musical exploration.

From the moment their instruments intertwined, it was as if time stood still, and the world around them faded into oblivion. In that electrifying moment, they discovered a shared language, a musical vernacular that transcended boundaries. The hypnotic beats of the Djembe drum merged seamlessly with the ethereal strains of the Violin, giving birth to a melodic fusion that defied description.

But their journey was far from over. Sahab and Ali Reza embarked on a sonic odyssey, fearlessly blending classical elegance with tribal rhythms and the pulsating energy of electronic beats. Each performance became an invitation to journey beyond the confines of the ordinary, to explore realms where music is the language of the soul.

Together, they are more than musicians – they are cosmic wanderers, charting a course through the infinite expanse of sound. With every note, they beckon listeners to join them on a journey of discovery, where genres collide and imagination knows no bounds. Sahab Habibi and Ali Reza Firoozi: where music transcends the ordinary and dreams take flight.