HALLO, comprised of Elizabeth Kovalchuk and Rachel Easson, represents a harmonious fusion of classical mastery and enchanting artistry.

Elizabeth Kovalchuk, born in Riga, Latvia, and raised in Canada, embarked on her musical journey at the age of 9, inspired by her artistic family. She began playing the cello at Runnymede Public School, eventually pursuing higher education at the Chicago College of Performing Arts and the Sibelius Academy in Finland. Liz’s illustrious career spans solo performances across Toronto, Chicago, New York City, Moscow, Riga, Cremona, and Helsinki, showcasing her virtuosity in renowned concertos and collaborations with esteemed musicians.

Rachel Easson, a luminary in harp music, cultivated her talent under the mentorship of renowned harpists Chantal Dube and Suzanne Thomas. Hailing from Lyon, France, Rachel’s ethereal performances have enchanted audiences for over two decades. With a repertoire spanning intimate gatherings to grand concert halls, her music resonates with passion, elegance, and emotional depth.

As HALLO, Elizabeth and Rachel bring together their individual brilliance to create transcendent musical experiences. Their performances, whether as soloists, chamber musicians, or orchestral players, captivate audiences worldwide. With Liz’s rich cello tones intertwining with Rachel’s celestial harp melodies, HALLO transports listeners to a realm of enchantment and beauty.

Beyond their performances, Elizabeth and Rachel are dedicated educators, enriching the lives of young musicians through mentorship and instruction. Their commitment to nurturing talent extends from coaching chamber music groups to leading workshops at prestigious music academies.
HALLO’s collaborative synergy is a testament to the power of artistic expression and partnership in classical music. With each performance, Elizabeth Kovalchuk and Rachel Easson invite audiences on a journey of musical exploration, where tradition meets innovation, and every note resonates with the timeless beauty of their collective artistry.