Maria Serrano: A Flamenco Journey
Maria Serrano was born in Seville, Spain, where she was immersed in the rich tradition of flamenco from her earliest years. Mentored by Seville’s most esteemed flamenco teachers, including José Galván, Los Gitanillos de Bronce, Juan Manuel, and Farruco, Maria’s innate sensitivity and formidable talent were quickly recognized.

Her passion for flamenco took her across the globe, performing with renowned ensembles such as Meme Menjibar, Javier Barón, Carmen y Carmelilla Montoya, and Antonio “El Pipa”. In 1993, André Heller selected her for his production “Magneten”, captivating audiences across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland for six mesmerizing months. The Austrian publication “NEWS” hailed her as the “Voodoo Queen” of flamenco.

From 1995 to 1998, Maria toured extensively throughout Europe with various companies, including appearances at the Bienal de Arte Flamenco. In 2000, she founded her own company, “Compañia Maria Serrano”, debuting in her hometown with “RITMO Flamenco-Cubano”, a collaboration with the acclaimed choreographer Manolo Marin.

Subsequent productions showcased Maria’s innovative interpretations of flamenco classics, including “Entre Flamencos” (2001) and her unique take on the Carmen myth (2002). In 2004, “FlamenTango” premiered at the prestigious Budapest Spring Festival, garnering acclaim for its fusion of flamenco and tango.

In 2007, Maria presented her first solo production, “Flamenco por derecho”, followed by “Balkan Flamenco”, a collaboration with Hungarian artists from the National Ballet. “Intuición” (2010) featured Maria dancing alongside her sister Alba, while “Flamenco recital” (2011) showcased her solo artistry.
The return of the popular production “FlamenTango” in “Volver a FlamenTango” (2013) marked another milestone, touring extensively across Europe and North America.
In 2014, Maria expanded her artistic footprint into Canada, launching her third studio in Toronto under the banner of “Flamenco Dance Academy Maria Serrano”. The following year, she returned to the recording studio, releasing her third album, “Flamenco por Derecho”, accompanied by a successful European tour.

In 2017, Maria unveiled her latest production, “MEMORIAS”, poised to captivate audiences worldwide throughout 2018 and beyond.

Compañia Maria Serrano continues to enchant audiences globally, with performances spanning countries such as Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, Romania, Norway, Hungary, and beyond, showcasing the enduring allure of Maria Serrano’s flamenco artistry.